Sacra Luna shrine
Every home should have a sacred little space to withdraw to. To some, of course, it means retreating to the man cave or floating away in a bubble bath. But we mean an actual little nook to go to, a comfortable, quiet space or even a shrine that makes you feel inspired, grounded and connected to whatever is really important to you.
Laura Mazurek shrine
Imagine creating a cozy altar-like area with semiprecious rocks and maybe photos of loved ones, or a little Buddha statue, or whatever you deeply connect with. Take a few minutes out each day and meditate. Your small sacred area will serve as a reminder!
Sacra Luna Shrine
Here are some ideas to get you going:
Jewelry Box
Keep your keepsakes in a pretty box such as this Jewelry Box from Pottery Barn. Hide precious personables and love letters and crystals you found.
Firefly strings
Create moody, soothing, ambient light with these Firefly Strings from Urban Outfitters. A sacred space should be delicately and moodily lit.
Eye of the Buddha planter
Find ideas for your bohemian sanctuary at Dot & Bo’s, such as this Eye of the Buddha Planter or Moroccan elm sideboard that serves as a perfect canvas to create your shrine.
Cow skull
Finally, we know cow skulls aren’t for everyone, although every trendy boutique or apartment these days seems to display one. This gorgeous specimen from Bali is hand carved and meticulously crafted.
Laura Mazurek Shrine

No matter what you choose, no matter your spiritual inclinations, your scared space needs to be true to you, reflect who you are, and have meaning to you! To some it may mean childhood mementos, to others important books or religious relics. Think also dried lavender or fresh flowers, found rocks or feathers or cozy pillows. It can truly be anything and everything that makes you feel calm and transported to a better place inside. Our two favorite altar creating queens are Laura Mazurek from (second image from top and bottom image) and Sacra Luna at (top and third image). Happy creating!