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Just like an animal can be calmed with the pressure of a specially made coat, ‘The Weight‘ offers the comfort of a loved one’s arms when no one’s actually around. Designer Mia Cinelli was inspired by he weighted blankets that are often used in occupational therapy practice as a natural, medication-free way to soothe anxiety and stress.

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Cinelli developed the ‘comfort object,’ which is like a small weighted body pillow, after the loss of her fiance’s father. Shaped like a person’s upper body and arms, the object has plush hands that you can hold within your own. The weight not only provides that sense of a human presence next to you, but also represents the metaphorical heaviness of grief.

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“Its use imitates an intimate gesture, reminiscent of a hug from behind,” says Cinelli. “When I feel relaxed and take the weight off, I feel lighter – both physically and in spirit. P.S., please hug someone you love today, before you cannot anymore.”