Kosmo beverage cooler on legs

Every once in a while you see a product and it makes so much sense that you have to wonder why it didn’t always exist. The Kosmo Freestanding Beverage Cooler (fittingly sold by a company called Problem Solvers) makes it simple to tote along five gallons of a beverage wherever you go without having to worry about having a table nearby to put it on.

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The cooler features three telescoping legs that adjust to any height you need. Because they are independently adjustable, you can even put the cooler on uneven ground without the worry that it will tip over.

The legs are self-contained and permanently attached, eliminating that irritating “I know we forgot something…” feeling as you’re leaving for the day. Even if you prefer to put the cooler on a table or countertop, the legs fold away neatly so the large container can be used as a traditional cooler.

Kosmo beverage cooler top

On top of the cooler, the lid has five spots to hold cups, cans or bottles. Twin handles and a single spigot finish off the design. For $70, it’s not a bad way to tote your iced drinks around in the warmer months. Plus, they kind of look like friendly space robots, and you have to love anything that’s useful and looks like a space robot.

Kosmo beverage cooler leg

More from the designers

“Kosmo coolers was invented by an elementary Physical Education Teacher and Summer Day Camp Instructor in NW Arkansas, who became frustrated at the fact that coolers could not work independently on their own. In order for the ordinary cooler to work you need a table to set it on. After an outing to a local state park where he did not have access to tables or anything else to place the cooler on, he became frustrated and vowed to make a cooler that would be an independent operating system. The Kosmo cooler is an independent operating system that can work either as a table top drink dispenser or as a stand alone drink dispenser. Why would you buy anything else?”