Sinks & Basins

Combination Urinal Concept Surprisingly Blends Sink & Toilet
Killer Concrete Sink Series Shows the Elegance of Erosion
Semi-Shower: Versatile Ceiling-Mounted Bathroom Faucet
Swivel Sink Remixes Dish Waiting, Washing & Rinsing Space
Bathroom Waterfall Wall Sinks Show Off Daily Use & Flow
Touch-Screen Toilet Has Motion-Sensing Seat + MP3 Player
Minimal Bathroom Sink Made of ‘Self-Rusting’ Corten Steel
1 Liter Limit: Water-Saver Faucet Strictly Rations then Refills
Anti-Aircraft Faucet: Sink Fixture Inspired by Stealth Fighter
Secret Spin Cycle: Self-Washing Sink + Built-In Dishwasher
Kitchen Camo: Cutting Board Covers for Undermount Sinks
Concrete Zen Garden Sink Waters Plants While You Wash
Hot or Cold? Faucet Head Glows to Show as Water Flows
Sinks Made Simple: 5 Sink Consoles, Vessels, Basins & Bowls
Toilet + Sink Combo: All-in-One Super-Sleek Bathroom Set
Stealth Bathroom: Wood Shelves Hide Secret Toilets & Sinks