Certain high-end military aircraft use a combination of technology and design “to reduce their visibility in the infrared, visual, audio, and radio frequency (RF) spectrum” making it difficult to “detect, track and attack” them (Source). But wait … what do modern bathroom fixtures have to do with all of this?

Curiously, the same strategies that make a stealth bomber difficult to detect tend to make a similarly-shaped faucet stand out all the more. The flat triangular sides (called facets on the plane versions) are modeled to help planes reduce their radar signature and achieve near-invisibility. One such resulting “purely stealthy” form is humorously known as the “Hopeless Diamond” for its inability to remain naturally aloft. These same geometrical properties make a stainless steel fixture ?like this one from Graff reflect light and catch the eye.(via Yanko and HowStuffWorks).

A little like their inspirationalpredecessors, these models are pricey and not particularly efficient. Stealth airplanes are expensive to maintain, still visible when deploying weapons and to certain anti-stealth detection systems. They also have an awkward and non-aerodynamic shape that requires constant computerized corrections just to keep it in the air. Likewise, this faucet … well, its complexity speaks for itself. Perhaps at least the surfaces are easy to clean since they are flat?