You never see dirty dishes in catalog sinks, but reality is not always so neat and tidy. Instead of leaving food in a filled sink (or worse yet: an empty one), this double-steel-basin design lets you spin one half out of the way (to do the dishes automatically) while you fill up the other.

Washing plates and silverware by hand, one at a time, tends to be a waste of water overall, and having a separate washing-and-drying machine takes up space – this concept saves on both, leaving you one regular and one wash-and-dry basin to work with at once.

Want to rinse fruit or vegetables? There is a simple setting for that as well. Not ready to run a load but need to make room for food preparation (or keep the mess hidden from guests)? Simply rotate the filled portion out of sight. Of course, if it works right, this should make it easier to clean a sink as well – perhaps as simple as the push of a button.

While still a concept (not doubt with some engineering details to be resolved), this idea by AHHA goes beyond clever – it identifies a real problem (dish build-up) that many of us real-life residents face, even if the catalogs sometimes gloss over reality.