chiselled faucet

Be they for sinks, bathtubs or bars, modern faucets are usually designed to be sleek, simple and symmetrical. This single faucet stands out from the crowd as angular, asymmetrical and with a downright disturbing red eye at the heart of the design making it look like something from Terminator or The Transformers as much as an interior design product.

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chiselled faucet profile

Stealth-inspired, the idea is that this luxury faucet would be carved out – handle, head, hole and all – from a single block of chrome. Great as it is, it is hard to envision a sink basin or drain plug worthy of such a funky fixture – hopefully Sofian Tallal has more yet to come. Meanwhile, it might go best with a curved sink and basin design.

chiselled faucet detail
chiselled faucet futuristic

This futuristic faceted faucet design was created for Sayegh Group.

“Concept design of a futuristic line of bathroom/kitchen faucets that look as if they were carved out of a block of metal. The wide base, extended neck and rear-mounted handle provides a dynamic profile reinforcing the stealth-inspired sharp edges and flat facets.”

Here’s another cool project by Sofian Tallal that goes perfectly with the Chiseled Faucet: a futuristic showerhead.

Tallal Hydrao Drop shower

For people looking to add smart-shower water saving capabilities to an existing shower, Smart & Blue has developed the HYDRAO Drop smart shower light. Simple to install, HYDRAO Drop has a flexible arm that can be positioned to illuminate any shower surface or water jet for a personalized smart shower experience.”

Tallal Hydrao Drop shower from above

“HYDRAO Drop benefits from a new miniaturized version of Smart & Blue’s patented smart shower technology, allowing users to benefit from an ultra-sleek, streamlined design, with no compromise to HYDRAO’s unique water conservation guidance. Also new is the ability to allow individual users to monitor their own personal usage and savings – on either one or multiple HYDRAO smart showers.”

About designer Sofian Tallal:

“Tallal Product Development is run by Sofian Tallal – a multicultural product designer & global development consultant. Sofian is a very aware and social person. He travels the world meeting new people and helping others create products, spaces and experiences for a living.”