Maybe long ago, when bathrooms were little more than tiny wooden huts in the yard, they could get by as purely functional spaces. But the modern home calls for bathrooms that are relaxing and comforting as well as functional. Using a smooth mineral composite material called Minacor, German manufacturer HANSA International makes some of the most distinctive basin/faucet pairs in the world.

The HANSALATRAVA starts off with a faucet that presents water proudly to the world rather than simply streaming it straight into a basin. The flat faucet looks more like a sculpture than a bathroom fixture as it allows water to cascade down into the elegant basin. A basin which features no central indentation, but rather guides water down on a gentle slope. Both parts of this pair introduce shapes and design elements never before utilized in bathroom fittings.

HANSA refers to the HANSACANYON faucet as having “radical linearity.” Indeed, its 90-degree angle looks harsh until the eye drifts up to the open channel at the top of the fixture. Colored lights illuminate the water there, telling you at a glance what the water’s temperature is. The water falls on a gentle curve into the subtly warped slab below that is the matching basin.

Embracing curves and contrasts seems to be the inspiration behind the HANSAMURANO faucet and basin. A lighthearted, almost playful, approach to design pairs a transparent glass disc on the rounded faucet with a perfectly circular water basin and indented rectangular body. The shapes and elements seen here are not new or groundbreaking; they are simply used in new and groundbreaking ways to create a singularly lovely fixture.