bathroom design color

Bathroom design, from small remodel plans to new large luxury spaces, is too often the last place for interior designers to concentrate. Like it or not we spend time daily in this room for our most basic needs – but also take a shower, get something from the cabinet and (if you are very lucky) relax in a spa area. Some of the best contemporary bathroom decor ideas start with a simple choice of color: from a toned-down green vanity accent to fully-colored floors, tiles and decor.

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black and white bathroom

Black and white, the popular modernist default, can get boring fast. In this rendering, Duebi Italia cheated a bit with this 3D online design – there may be nothing but black, white and gray in the paint or on the furniture but there is a dark forest green to be found in the area rug as well as the soft light coming from the shower.

brown bathroom colors

A slight tonal shift into brown families of color goes a long way toward softening a bathroom interior, as these pictures illustrate. From the tan tile to the darker-brown mirror trim, cabinetry and wall panels, these images already seem a lot closer to a comfortable ideal home.

bathroom green color

And on the subject of natural colors, a green bathroom can be quite pleasant as well – whether or not you want to go with fully floral patterns to match the organic scheme. After all, they do refer to the need as ‘the call of nature’ … right? Maybe it is best to go with the flow and choose a popular color scheme like these.

bathroom color red

Ah yes, and red: the color of passion. Whether or not you want your bathroom to be a hot and sexy place, however, is a very subjective judgement call. It is hard to avoid the associations with bars, clubs or other attractions of the night when using such bright red accents.

orange and purple bathrooms

There are other colors that do not fit as neatly into a design type or have quite so clear cultural/colorful associations. Blue, purple and orange – what do they mean or suggest when used to highlight bathroom walls, rugs, tiles or cabinetry?

luxury bathroom gold color scheme

And then there are the colors of luxury rarely seen outside of an ornately decorated high-end master bathrooms – silver and gold, popular to use with white and black, are nothing if not ostentatious color choices for only the ‘best’ of bathroom spaces.