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It is easy to be misled by designer products into thinking that your own bathroom will be as cool, contemporary, clean and serene as those shown in the picture-perfect catalog photos. That disclaimer aside, however, here are some inspirational images of ten tile, toilet, tub designs combined with sink, shower and lighting layouts that illustrate not only bathroom-specific design ideas but more general strategies and solutions for professional as well as DIY redesign projects.

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Whether or not you choose these particularly products, these pictures contain embedded design ideas you could well use for your own do-it-yourself home bathroom remodel. Large, solid, white and round fixtures, for example, are shown looking quite nice against small, simple and square black wall tile. If you have space to do so, setting a single central fixture apart from its surroundings (such as a bathtub in the middle of a room) is a clever way to create a sense of hierarchy in an otherwise cluttered bathroom.

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Cold industrial metal wall panels work well with elegant white sinks and toilets hanging from them and a warm wood-slat flooring below. As a kind of inverse strategy, a warmly-textured, white-painted brick wall functions as a friendly-feeling counterpart to a clean, sleek and shiny poured-concrete floor surface.

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A combination of soft and hard, direct and indirect, natural and artificial light can lend a sense of dynamism and change to a room typically more private and enclosed than most. Again and again, these bathroom designs from Swiss fixture manufacturer Laufen show the power of pitting cold against warm, light against dark, textured against smooth. The wooden tub is a nice touch.

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These compositional techniques are not entirely unique or new – they are common in other forms of contemporary (visual and physical) industrial, home interior, furniture, furnishing and fixture design as well – in many ways, timeless design strategies rendered as specific solutions for remodeling one of the most universal home spaces: your bathroom.