modular faucet

There is a lot of room for home projects between the extremes of custom contemporary design and do-it-yourself construction. This is a great example of an elegant bathroom fixture that combines elegant aesthetics but with which you can create your own customized configurations by slotting together any number of fitted metal tubes.

canali modular bathroom

canali fixture

Within this system from Neve, the modules can be assembled to create simple curved free-standing faucets or combined to make minimalist-yet-multifunctional designs that incorporate towel racks running along the walls. While the results are modern the approaches to creating them are essentially endless, making this an engaging mix of make-your-own and high-end custom bathroom fixture design.

“A new concept, Canali is a modular tap. Combining few modules it is possible to make endless items for washbasin, bathtub and shower. ‘You are the designer, few modules, endless solutions.’ Available finishes: Chrome, more finishes upon request.”

canali pipes
canali sink modular faucet

“Ever since 1956, Neve has always been a dynamic company, which has developed an unmistakable style over the years. We start from the years 50/60 when the company was only a small reality in the field of taps and valves, where the father of the current owners of this family worked with dedication. Then came the 80/90 years when the two brothers Valentino and Gianluca Neve enter the company and start shaping what will be the company in the years to come with their creative personalities and attentive to the needs of customers, without whom nothing of what the company is today would have been possible. Attention to quality and service, with a note of friendly familiarity that characterizes one of the most “human” companies in the sector. It is in these years until the new millennium that Neve presents series of durable and current success as Fly and Lino.”