Rapsel One closed

Sure, a bathroom is a sometimes-unsightly necessity for any home – but its interior can at least be made modestly more minimalist by hiding the essential fixtures when not in use, and more modern and comfortable through the use of linear and repetitive wooden design objects. In this clean and contemporary collection, a series of fold-up solid wood shelves hide a concealed sink and disguise the toilet.

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Rapsel One open

Even when opened and in operation, the entire aesthetic – designed from start to smooth finish by Rapsel – is a convincingly pleasant balance of coziness, usefulness and cleanliness. The collection, called “ONE: The Bathroom That Is Not There,” aims to hide away the less-than-beautiful elements typically found in a bathroom so you see only the sleekness of slatted wood.

Rapsel Secret Bathroom wood shelves detail sink
Rapsel secret bathroom hidden sink

A slide-out shelving unit adjacent to the toilet adds a reading-material surface as well as additional storage space while a visually-matched third element completes the set, like the last in a sequence of conceptual steps. This likewise-functional piece sits directly on the floor serves as a permeable wood shower drain.

Is it entirely practical? Good question. That probably depends on how well the wood is able to resist moisture, bacteria and rot. It also seems like it would be difficult to clean. But perhaps in certain scenarios, like a private home served by a regular housecleaning service, such a scheme would work.

Rapsel Secret Bathroom wood shelves

About Rapsel

“Together between vision and reality: research, innovation and audacity – these are the 3 levers that have characterized Rapsel since its debut in 1975, making it one of the leading companies in the interior design sector. The skilful use of new materials together with modern technologies, the incessant research focused on functionality, design and aesthetics have led to a constant flow of revolutionary products.”

“The Rapsel product range is characterized by authenticity and originality. Design icons designed by international design stars are flanked by innovative products designed by young emerging talents, to whom Rapsel offers a passport into the world of architecture and design.”