A simple wall-mount box, this object seems to hover in space and without any decor or detailing to speak of – until you fold down the front, slide out a tray or pull out a drawer to reveal modest, secretary-style functionality.

Dubbed the Ledge by UrbanCase, this is a perfect little wall desk or media center for a small apartment or guest room. The slide-out surface is big enough to work with a laptop (or single record deck), the side drawer is well-suited to papers or other odds and ends, the top can be used as a shelf and a hidden cord system helps keep the appearance clean and modern.

While there is room for a chair below and it can be used as a work surface, it also looks good as the support element for a wall-hung, flat-screen television suspended above. The design comes in a bright red color as well as natural wood.

More minimalist than their other designs (like the sliding-door cabinet, emergency cocktail shelf and joint-emphasized chair shown above), the bare-bones aesthetic works in its favor to make it a more multi-functional interior design objected suited to a variety of purposes.