Wooden Briefcase Unfolds into Table, 2 Stools and a Lamp
Mountain-Hugging Manta Ray House to Wrap Around Peak
Living Cube: Space-Saving Loft/Storage Unit for Studios
Modern Plywood Expansion to Traditional Japanese Home
Office Workout: Smart Desk Shifts Between Sitting, Standing
Have Tea, Will Travel: Folding Kettle Takes Earl Grey to Go
Redesigned Cutlery Makes First Dates a Bit More Bearable
Voila! Huge Sliding Glass Door Reveals Open-Air Living Room
Concrete Ribbon Home Sits Between Overlapping Layers
Shake Washer: Mini Hand-Powered Travel Washing Machine
Boardroom on Wheels: Truly Mobile Office in Moving Vehicle
Niche Custom Bookcases: Built to Fit Your Exact Collection
Cantilevered Home Hangs Over River Like a Broken Bridge
Cascading House Bridges 8-Foot-Gap Between Buildings
World’s Lightest Timber Table is Stronger Than Solid Wood
Odd Dummy-Like Machine is a Magical Shirt Ironing Robot