Folding kettle design

Some people are just so used to having a cup of tea every couple of hours that they can’t stand to be without it when they’re away from home. Now those people won’t have to look for a restaurant when the craving strikes, because the Novel kettle is portable enough to take literally anywhere.

Traveling tea kettle

Invented by Stanislav Sabo, the Novel kettle features a heatproof plastic on the outside and a lining of 100% silicone. It is the silicone that makes the kettle watertight and allows it to fold flat. It receives power from an energy source through a bayonet adapter and a cord that is attached to the removable base piece.

Folded up flat

There are small magnets embedded in the Novel which allow the pieces to snap into place whether the kettle is opened up or folded shut. The magnets also let you conveniently hang the Novel from metal surfaces.

According to the designer, the Novel folds up small enough to fit into your back pocket. It could also easily slip into a laptop bag, purse or backpack so that wherever you go, you can always count on a cup of hot tea.

“Novel is a patented travel folding kettle which is unique due to its simple design, allowing to be folded into a minimum shape and put in the back pocket of your trousers!, into a travel bag or a laptop bag. The body of the kettle is ergonomic and made of special heatproof plastic, which is pleasing to the touch when heated to the boiling point. The inside of the kettle is made of 100% silicone, which allows its horizontal folding.”

Novel Kettle

“The source of the electric power is provided by a bayonet adapter with a supply connector to the source of the electric energy (wall sockets at home, el. car socket, el. socket of solar panels …) There are magnetic elements included in the body of the kettle, in the lid and in the adapter, which allow us to pack the kettle simply and safely and provide its fixation into operating or storage position towards the magnetic base (minimum requirements for storage space). Folded or unfolded kettle can be fixated on metal components of the side walls of vehicles, vessels or planes for medical, security, rescue and humanitarian forces!”