mobile office

Somewhere between a working office and a stretch limousine, this futuristic Volkswagen concept car gives new meaning to taking your work home with you.

mobile board room vehicle

Designed by, Alexander Zhukovsky the T6 vehicular office has two functional components tethered around a central pivot, a bit like those double-long buses already on the roads, or more like semi trucks with front cabs: a pair of pieces joined but without the need for creating contiguous space between them.

mobile office on wheels

The question, of course, is: what sorts of situations require multiple people from the same office to hit the road at the same time? A lot of possibilities exist, if you give it some thought: a team of architects visiting a construction site, a corporate board prepping to attend a meeting, or a shared commute between coworkers in general.

mobile work space concept

Still, if driverless cars make their way to the roads soon enough, the front portion, reserved for the driver, may become redundant before anything like this would even be on the drawing boards at car companies.