first date cutlery

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There is no getting around the fact that first dates can be some of the most awkward experiences of one’s life. They can be made much less traumatic, however, by simply remembering your manners and being a polite, civilized human being. Designer Christina Guardiola thinks that this can be achieved with a special set of cutlery.

fork and knife first date awkwardness

The London designer has created a set of eating utensils called First Date Cutlery. It consists of a knife, fork, soup spoon and dessert spoon. They all have small but significant tweaks that make them different than everyday utensils. The fork and knife each contain small embedded magnets. The two pieces are meant to be crossed over each other between bites, encouraging diners to take a break from eating and get to know each other.

first date soup spoon

The soup spoon has been specially designed to eliminate slurping and reduce the risk of spills. A slightly protruding side lets diners eat their soup properly: from the side of the spoon, and silently.

first date dessert spoon

Finally, the dessert spoon encourages the daters to get a little closer. It has an especially wide eating surface which is perfect for feeding each other bites. With the unique design, each person gets their own part of the spoon to themselves, eliminating awkward inadvertent first-date saliva mingling.