concrete edge house japan

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The steep hills of Kansai District in Osaka, Japan are the setting for this uniquely designed family home. The Edge House from Noriyoshi Morimura Architects and Associates resembles a single concrete ribbon folded over itself to create a kind of S shape. In between these concrete layers, the indoor and outdoor spaces are defined.

concrete wood and glass edge house

concrete slants define interior spaces

At first look, the inorganic concrete might seem harsh or severe for the wooded environment the home inhabits. But elements of dark glass, sophisticated deep wood, soft floaty textiles and smooth, cream-colored tiles help to add an organic feel to the home both inside and outside.

living room and large glass walls edge house

living room concrete ribbon house japan

Following the angles and shapes of the concrete “ribbon,” the interior walls are slanted and angular. Some separate rooms and some even provide walkways between different areas of the home. A large wooden piece runs the entire height of the house to allow for essential facilities and privacy.

kitchen and dining room edge house

outdoor terraces edge house

The zig-zagging concrete extends past the outer glass walls of the home, providing a certain amount of protection from the elements. These extensions also make the perfect setting for some unusual but stylish outdoor terraces.

edge house exterior at night

lit up exterior of edge house

Maybe the most stunning view of the home is from the outside at night when the interior is lit up and the curtains open. It looks almost like a museum or art gallery thanks to its ultra-contemporary design, but it also seems so comfortable that one might never want to leave.