Hello Wood’s new Workstation Cabin has a futuristic feel with its faceted geometric silhouette, but its wooden exterior can complement all sorts of architectural styles and natural settings. Designed for people who want to work, meditate, do yoga, or make art outside their homes without leaving their own gardens, the eight-square-meter (86-square-foot) prefabricated module takes just hours to install after delivery.

Hello Wood's new backyard

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With fifteen surface planes, the Workstation Cabin has a sculptural look that’s part alien spaceship, part biomimicry. It perches lightly on the land with its black metal legs, offering one wall that’s entirely glass, one window, and one generously sized skylight. It’s basically an instant extra room for your house with no construction or remodeling required, acting as a private retreat that’s both insulated and soundproof.

Budapest-based Hello Wood notes that during this global pandemic, having a private, quiet workspace that’s close to home is more important than ever. And since the interior is so versatile, you could use it as a home office during the day and convert it to a sleeping space by night, changing its usage as your own needs shift.

Close-up shot of a small geometric window set into the Workstation Cabin's otherwise all-wooden exterior.

The entrance to the Workstation Cabin is made entirely from glass to allow plenty of natural light in.

“When designing the concept, our main goal was to create a highly functional space,” say the designers. “The quality of the space is not given by the huge size, but by its complexity. We believe that for those who adapt a minimalist lifestyle, it isn’t a challenge but a pleasure to spend their time in a practical space. The interior is insulated, therefore easily adapting to the changes of the seasons. You can enjoy the comfort of a private room during winter, and you don’t have to suffer the heat in summer, as the air conditioner can be hidden in a built-in bench. An electrical outlet ensures that you can charge your laptop, phone, and establish a Wi-Fi connection.”

Inside the Workstation cabin, there's exactly enough room and natural light to create the perfect productivity oasis.

Young man works late into the night at the cozy desk inside his Workstation Cabin.

“The cabin gives you the extra room you always wished for. The playful form that brings to life the illustrations of our favorite childhood storybooks was inspired by nature. The Workstation Cabin brings you closer to the outside world. The cozy interior is characterized by wood panels, and the huge windows let natural light in. Last but not least, our main goal is to meet the needs of the present and achieve a more sustainable future: due to its low energy consumption and environmental focus, building a small house is more environmentally friendly than building a house with traditional technologies and non-renewable materials.”

Carefully placed windows and skylights help flood the Workstation Cabin with natural light and warmth.

It’s great to see so many prefab backyard office pod designs taking chances architecturally with unusual shapes that are hard to integrate into full-scale residential projects. Some previous examples include the round shingle-covered “People Pod” and the pleasingly curvilinear shell-shaped “Shoffice.”

The entrance to the Workstation Cabin is made entirely from glass to allow plenty of natural light in.

Hello Wood Studio is known for its unique custom-made, temporary, and prefab installations, including their series of Hello Wood cabins, architectural pavilions for festivals and events, pop-up facilities like bars and kitchens, and smart public furniture that integrates amenities like chargers and lighting into sinuous wooden benches.