shoffice exterior

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This sculptural building is known as the Shoffice – a combination of the words shed and office. When a client requested a backyard workspace and storage area, architects Platform 5 created this lovely graceful building.

shoffice shed

Looking a bit like a giant sculpture, the Shoffice takes on an organic shape. It flows from the ground, up and over the backyard, and around again to the ground.

lit from within office

The Shoffice’s elliptical wooden shell looks a bit like a curled wood shaving peacefully resting on the ground. The glazed glass office space is protected within its curved embrace.

backyard office

The office part of the structure is composed of glass walls that make it visible from the main home and from the rest of the yard. Two skylights – one in the office and another in the storage area – provide natural light to work by.

inside shoffice

Inside, a cantilevered desk and a small storage area are all that adorn the Shoffice. It’s a simple, clutter-free workspace perfect for anyone who works from home – or just needs a little escape.