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More and more of us are telecommuting for work, either full-time or just part of the workweek. Home offices are notoriously distracting – particularly if you have family or roommates home all day – and this is precisely why Archipod developed their garden pods. This backyard home office has a fun, unique look that’s whimsical enough to pass as a play space (and it can be that, too!)

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Archipod backyard home office fatpod

The office pods look a bit like giant acorns or the seed pods of some giant exotic flower. Round, covered in shingles and adorned with porthole windows and top-hinged gull wing doors, the pods are the sort of whimsical structures you might expect fairytale woodland animals to live in.

Archipod backyard home office interior

Each pod is equipped with electrical hookups, a semicircular interior desk, concealed lighting and an integrated heater. Although it seems the perfect place to put one’s office, the little backyard pods can also be used as dance or yoga studios, libraries, play rooms, music rooms or any number of other functions.

Archipod backyard home office

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“The way people work is changing – the cost and inconvenience of commuting to work everyday is increasing, whereas advances in computer and networking technology are making the viability of working from home a realistic alternative to traveling to an office everyday.”

Archipod backyard home office longpod

“In fact, there is more to working from home than just convenience and lifestyle improvements, there can be huge benefits to working in an Archipod garden office, including: Saving on travel time and costs. Reducing road congestion. The ‘Pod’ is primarily suited to use as a garden office, but could easily be adapted to anything you choose: Playroom, Studio, Hobby Room, Meditation/ Quiet Room, Outside entertaining/Dining Room, Tree House!”

“The structure is prefabricated in sections that are sized to allow all the parts to be carried through a house, so it doesn’t matter where you live, we will be able to get the ‘Pod’ into your back garden. The prototype Archipod was completed in the Spring of 2010, and later that year we created the first 4m diameter ‘FatPod’, by simply making the central dome bigger, and pushing the wall panels further out. “