prefab home office pod

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Corner-office envy has become a staple stereotype for corporate climbers – so why not skip a few rungs in the company ladder and select your very own corner to work in? This prefab office design is a fully-outfitted cube that comes complete with a chair, desk, cabinets and more, all contained within a modest-but-classy modern metal, wood and glass shell.

prefab modular home office design

Living and working in the same place sounds great in theory, but in practice many of us wish we could create more substantial barriers between work and home life. Designed to be placed on your back patio or sit in any spot within your yard, this pod office provides a cozy-but-contemporary zone apart from the rest of your interior spaces.

prefab flexible office plan

The decor is also compelling: simple white and black walls and accents, textured wood cabinet and door surfaces as well as clean glass-to-metal joinery make it feel both comfortable and functional. Sure, it is somewhat small, but at least this way you can plan and set up your own personal executive OfficePOD wherever you want. Who knows, maybe employers will eventually catch on and start subsidizing them as well.