Light forest by ontwerpduo ceiling lamp

Recalling decorative innovations from the turn of the (19th-to-20th) Century, you may remember an earlier iteration of this same Dutch-made suspended lamp system.

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Light forest by ontwerpduo industrial

Ontwerpduo has since branched out, if you will, displaying their wares at this year’s London Design Festival with new configurations, novel twists and organic turns.

Light forest by ontwerpduo
Light forest by ontwerpduo installation

The idea behind this hanging modular lighting is simple: it can wrap around obstacles and shine light at different heights as needed, all the while serving as ambient decor hovering above a room or space. PS: it comes in a wall mounted version, too.

Light forest by ontwerpduo wall version

“Light Forest is a highly adaptable wall and ceiling lamp system that can be configured in multiple ways, and which can vary in expression from organic and whimsical, to geometric and austere. Light Forest comes in two versions: a ceiling option which can be assembled in four different combinations, and a wall version that can be assembled in four combinations. Its branches are made from extruded aluminium tubes — strong and light — and the lampshades or flowers are spun from copper or brass, which lends a warm glow to the light source. The entire system is coated with a matte lacquer, giving it an aesthetic that can be both industrial and organic, both austere and whimsical, depending on its configuration. “

Light forest by ontwerpduo in restaurant

About the designers:

“A birdcage in which you can swing freely, lamps that subdivide like trees, or a table you can play marbles on: the fantastic world of Ontwerpduo emerges from the collaboration and chemistry between Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink.Tineke likes to imagine things just a little bit differently to the way they are by fantasising new functions for them, largely ignoring any practical or technical restrictions. Often these things are in a form that seems impossible – until Nathan becomes involved. He sets to work in a workshop that has come to resemble a laboratory. When he emerges again, Tineke’s ideas turn out to be feasible after all. And so everything can begin again, happily ever after.”