Light Brix Trienale

Like large-scale LEDs for your living room, this creative home lighting idea combines a design-it-yourself approach to decor and standardized accessory modules. The basic idea: buy as many as you need and arrange the lights to make your own functional lighting system layout and dynamic decorative statement.

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LED lighting installation

These so-called Light Brix are flexible accessories that can illuminate rooms and spaces or serve as simple accent lighting in halls or on walls in entryways. Kids bedroom design, for example, can become interactive play activity, lights programmed with custom patterns by the children themselves.

Modular LED lighting

Of course, these can always work as artistic garden or other outdoor lighting. Modern as they are, these pictures demonstrate that the fixtures can work well in simple contemporary contexts as well as elegant antique spaces. These modular lighting units are, in short, as much flexible and programmable three-dimension super-sized screen as they are practical accessory light bulbs for interior spaces.

LightBrix Saint Open

“A modular light system that responds to touch: through the electromagnetic fields of the human body. The hexagonal units can be assembled in any shape and modulated to compose multiple lighting situations. Light Brix is architecture composed by light.”

LightBrix installation

Here’s a description of HeHe, which consists of designers Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen, from the Helsinki International Artist Program:

HeHe is a Paris based art and design partnership set up in 1999 by Helen Evans and Heiko Hansen. Using a language based on light, sound and image, their practice explores the relationship between the individual and their architectural and urban environment. Their propositions are utopian, often posing as products ready for consumption, but are also real, functioning temporarily at the moment of operation.”

Additional work by the duo includes a variety of interactive creations, like sensitive surfaces that react to users walking over them, causing fluctuations in light and sound.