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How much of a shelf do you really use? It is tempting to answer ‘the whole thing’ but really, most books and other objects would be fine with just a few strands of support rather than a whole solid surface.

Giulio Parini has created a minimalist system of just a few iron rods and connectors with many modular possibilities, capable of scaling up and out in any angular shape you can imagine.

The results of his experiments have spanned from floors to ceilings with webbed networks of lightweight and versatile wall-mounted shelving, as suited to an industrial garage as it would be to a contemporary interior.

Anyone who has played hands-on with geometric toys knows that certain configurations are internally rigid (like triangles – the basis of trusses) in any strong material (concrete, wood or metal for instance).

Fix a few points and the rest becomes a fun interplay of formal and free-form wall decor, hardware that itself also acts as furniture – hangers, hat racks, etc… just waiting to happen.