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Cables, cords and connections are elements that will appear in a final design, like them or not. Pretty architectural and interior drawings that ignore these essentials are misleading at best, and dishonest at worst. Even worse: it is these poor-fitting parts that stand out the most at the end of the day.

Dubbed Light Forest by Ontwerpduo, this series of ceiling-hung lamps addresses the problem head on with playful branch-like coated-aluminum housing that bends, twists and folds open like a plant to hold bulbs exactly where desired within a space. A light-finished variant was created as a single-colored gesture, while a copper interior provides a burst of shiny contrast in another version.

The advantages of this approach are multiple. First, the result is design-driven from start to finish – the power-providing system is not an afterthought. Second, the system is flexible – it lets you place fixtures according to the needs of a layout, rather than on a fixed plan. Third, it can be installed after-the-fact, added to an existing room as a layer on top of a finished or dropped ceiling.