When it comes to getting a great photo, the angle, lighting, and camera quality all play a part. The Moment Drone has you covered on all fronts, with superior specs and the ability to fly.

The Moment Drone sits perched on a rock
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Capturing the magic moment has evolved over the generations. Beginning with huge box cameras and eventually morphing into handheld equipment nearly anyone can use, photography has become a way of life for people. Where we once had an occasional shot captured during a special function, we now have cameras on our phones — and even those that offer aerial photography —without the need for any professionals.

The Moment Drone provides 4K feature shooting in its camera that takes flight on command. Using an accompanying smartphone app, you can easily control the drone’s height, angle, and image-capturing capabilities.

Graphic unpacking the Moment Drone's technical specs.

Graphic unpacking the Moment Drone's technical specs.

Foldable and compact, the Moment Drone can easily hitch a ride anywhere you go, from the ballpark to backpacking in the wilderness. It’s similar in size to a small tablet when folded up, weighing only 400 grams. The Moment is also adaptable and versatile, with a battery that allows for up to 15 minutes of flight time. That means you can send it into the field to capture the elk you can’t get close to or film what’s over the next hill in the middle of your hike. Better yet, why not capture 15 minutes of those special events like your child’s birthday party or your parent’s anniversary bash?

Even though the drone is always on the move, your image won’t be thanks to the gadget’s nifty built-in electronic stabilizer. Retrieval is easy, too, with a one-press button return that commands the Moment back to home base. As a default, the drone will also return to home if the battery runs low or a signal is lost during flight.

Several different shots of people using the Moment Drone to photograph their adventures.

As a camera, the Moment Drone captures images in three modes: sweep panorama, continuous capture, and delay capture. Visual detection technology also allows you to program the device to track your face or body. After that, you can drop your smartphone in your pocket and go about your journey with the Moment shadowing your every movement.

Coupled with the motor, the drone’s three four-inch propellers provide reliable flight even in winds up to 11 miles per hour. For better control, you can choose from low, medium, or high sensitivity settings. And unlike other drones that can cause injury if you come into contact with them while in motion, the Moment Drone features a protective design with plastic enclosures, so you can launch it from your palm or even grab it right out of the air.

Close-up shot of the Moment Drone.

The software on board makes it easy to process and share your images almost as soon as you take them. Simply sync the videos and pictures to your iPhone or Android storage, use the Moment app to edit photos and apply filters at the touch of a button, and share them directly to your chosen social media site.

The Moment Drone in mid-flight

Child reaches out for the Moment Drone hovering in front of him.

Since the Moment Drone’s initial crowdfunding goal was easily met in 2017, the product has become widely available in several variations. It looks like this Moment is going to last a long time.