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What could be nicer than snuggling up to your spouse or partner, arms around each other, while you both drift off to sleep? Well, it’s nice for the first few minutes, anyway, until someone’s hand goes numb and you both have to shift around and get comfortable again.

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cuddle mattress split foam

The Cuddle Mattress from designer Mehdi Mojtabavi lets couples snuggle as close as they want to all night long. Instead of the typical one-piece construction, the Cuddle Mattress is composed of a large block of foam in the middle for the body, then wide strips of foam at the top and bottom. These strips allow sleepers to slip their arms under one another without the threat of numb extremities.

cuddle mattress

There are also strips at the bottom of the mattress, allowing the occupants of the bed to slip their toes down into the squishy softness of the mattress. The mattress also works for single people, of course, by allowing them to sleep comfortably in whatever position works best. Side-sleepers will especially appreciate this aspect of the design.

cuddle mattress detail

Mojtabavi was inspired to take his award-winning design to the next level and begin manufacturing it for sale after hearing from someone who had undergone several shoulder surgeries. The person who wrote to Mojtabavi thought the mattress would be able to help with more comfortable sleep by taking the pressure off of the sore shoulder.

“The Cuddle Mattress (also known as Love Mattress) concept was designed back in 2007 by Mehdi Mojtabavi as a personal project. Soon after winning the Red Dot Design Award in the same year, the Cuddle Mattress started gaining lots of publicity all over the world! People connected immediately with the idea and we realized that this might be the solution to a very common problem.”

“MPU stands for Memory-Gel Polyurethane foam. Cuddle Mattress MPU has high density Polyurethane foam core and two layers of Memory-gel foam on top and bottom. Each side has different thickness of Memory-gel foam layer so you can customize the feeling of your mattress by flipping each individual module. “