hanging beach hammock bed

Do you prefer to slumber in stillness and silence, or would you rest more soundly if you could swing yourself gently to sleep? Suspended beds are nothing new, but continue to appear in contemporary bedrooms with ever-more-modern materials to hold them in place.

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hanging bed frame mattress

One of the classic methods of hanging beds is to simply run four ropes to the various corners, pass them through a circular hole and tie knots below. This low-tech solution works surprisingly well as long as your ceiling can support the extra weight of both bed and sleeper. It can have a rustic or tropical look to it, depending on the exact materials you choose, and would look amazing in a cabin or cabana.

hanging home bed designs

Much like hammocks, you can find these more frequently at resorts – they are typical associated with warm climates where movement and breezes can be a big plus, even at night. Whether you want them in your own home bedroom is another issue – particularly if you tastes are a tad less tropical and interior design style somewhat more subdued.

hanging bed headboard steel

With the advent of slim-but-strong cords and strands of steel, some designers have made more minimalist variations on the traditional form. In one case, only two points of support exist at the top while the bed below is still held up in all corners … but only by a thread. You can even hang a headboard as well if you want – or simply move the whole system so it sits against a wall instead of requiring four strings of support.

hanging modern bed design

If you still like the idea of a legless bed but would rather not rock back and forth, there are also options for using rigid steel tension rods that will both hold a bed in place but also open up additional under-bed storage (all without those pesky legs getting in the way).