Hard Candy stools

Can you imagine what it would feel like to sit on a pile of brightly-colored cotton candy? Designer Jojo Chuang’s Hard Candy series isn’t nearly as soft (or as sticky) as the tooth-rotting treat, but it is just as whimsical in appearance.

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The designer uses a flexible foaming agent mixed with dyes to form the swirling stools and armchair in the Design Candy series. Exploring the unusual technique of forming the material results in furniture that looks as though it is dripping and actively swirling with pigments.

Hard Candy stools detail

Mixing layers upon layers of differently-colored foam, Chuang’s creations look like something straight out of a surrealist painting. Each one is unique, exhibiting different shapes and suggestions of movement.

With his background in graphic design, Chuang wanted to explore methods for bringing graphic elements into physical form. The Hard Candy collection adds virtual colors and shapes to a physical form while creating objects of pure fun.

Hard Candy foam furniture

More from the designer

The hard candy chair is the first prototype I made during my residency at The Talking Dolls in Detroit during the summer of 2013. From a graphic design and fine art background, I’m always interested in how to restore the handmade quality while transforming graphic into form. In contrast to the former studies using rigid structure and material, the Hard Candy series approaches graphics through a more soft and tactile way. This prototype armchair uses a flexible foaming agent and dyes to mimic the movement of flowing pigments. Because the nature of the materials, every piece will be one of a kind just like a painting.”

Hard Candy Stools on display
Hard Candy Stools Jojo Chuang

About Jojo Chuang

“Taiwanese designer Jojo Chuang was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. Jojo received a Master of Fine Arts, major in 3D design from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2014 and a Bachelor of Fine Arts, major in Graphic design from National Taiwan Normal University in 2009. Jojo chuangs work focuses on blurring the edge between 2D and 3D. Mixing his background of graphic design and 3D design.”