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Making room for a house plus a workshop capable of storing a four-wheel-drive vehicle on a tight plot of land with an even tighter budget led to a novel solution for this project in Germany. Fabian Evers Architecture and Wezel Architektur lifted the living space to the second floor, creating a translucent light-filled garage below.

Modern Farm Truck Storage 2

The client wanted a special space to store his Unimog, a cult four-wheel drive vehicle by Mercedes Benz. House Unimog does just that with an extremely small footprint, orienting the living spaces away from the busy street to look out over the surrounding residences and farms.

Modern Farm Truck Storage 3

Modern Farm Truck Storage 5

During the day, the workshop is flooded with filtered natural light, the translucent panels blocking out distracting views of cars passing on the adjacent road. At night, it glows like a lantern, making the anthracite living volume seem to float. Stairs lead to a sheltered terrace on the second floor.

Modern Farm Truck Storage 4

The compact living space features strategically placed windows and a glazed wall on the terrace side to offer views without looking directly into the closest neighboring homes. The open-plan residence is lined with oriented strand boards for a clean and uniform look that costs very little.