treetop and forest bungalow sri lanka

Perched atop a hill between a jungle and a rubber plantation, this treetop-skimming bungalow in Kalutara, Sri Lanka was built to take full advantage of this unique site. Designed by architect Narein Perera in 2009, this stunning home echoes the traditional architecture of the area.

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tree skimming bungalow in sri lanka

The owner who commissioned the house had a few specific requests: the home had to work as a rental property, it had to offer a relaxing space for getaways from stressful city life, and it had to allow the owner a space from which to oversee the operations of his entire 72 hectare (42 acre) estate.

sri lanka bungalow

jungle home sri lanka

The home’s simple materials such as steel, timber and bamboo emphasize its connection to its surroundings. Inside, the space is large and open, featuring only three bedrooms with attached baths and a spacious common room. Employees’ quarters are housed in the wooded areas downhill from the estate bungalow, hidden beneath the lush green canopies. As such, anyone in the bungalow has unparalleled privacy.

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sri lanka treetop home

Above all, Narein Perera’s goal was to create a home that “touches the earth lightly.” With its steel supports that lift the building high above the ground, The home certainly achieves that and much more. It is a dream home that sits right in the middle of a paradise-like setting.