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Rising above the grassy landscape, this vacation home in the seaside Argentina town of Cariló features a rooftop swimming pool and expansive views of both an adjacent forest and the nearby ocean. Wanka House by Galera Studio is characterized by a floating box supported on one end by a narrow column, giving it a sense of weightlessness.

The ramp leading up to the house gives visitors an opportunity to appreciate their surroundings, which include a garden and a series of lower-level reflecting pools as well as the trees and the ocean breeze. The architects intended for this gradual introduction to the home to be an opportunity to leave the chaotic stress of leaving in big cities behind, starting their vacation before they even step through the front door.

The house is situated to the rear of the plot to place inhabitants closer to the beach, and provide some privacy from passersby on the street. In addition to the large, high-ceilinged modern concrete interior spaces, Wanka House includes a number of recreational spaces like terraced outdoor dining and barbecue areas.

Reaching the rooftop, guests are greeted by a large deck with a swimming pool and skylights that peer down into the living spaces. An elevated viewing platform provides views that extend far above the rooftops of nearby structures, bringing the sea closer to make this vacation spot feel like even more of an escape.