sink in adjustable furniture

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This whimsical line of furniture is from designer Keren Shiker. Sink In uses foam bars inset in wooden frames that you can push or pull to create your very own custom piece of furniture – and change the configuration every time you sit down. They can be placed either vertically or horizontally and they’re suitable for kids and adults alike.

keren shiker sink in foam adjustable furniture

customizable foam chairs

sink in chairs adjustable foam

foam bar furniture customizable sink in

How great would it be to create exactly the chair that you want at exactly that moment? Instead of settling for the furniture that’s already there, you could design a seat that’s high off the ground for conversation or super-low for relaxing. The backrest could have a deep recline or you could add high arms. You’re limited only by the number of foam bars.

customizable foam bar chairs keren shiker

sculptural sink in customizable furniture

foam chairs keren shiker sculptural shapes

When you aren’t using the Sink In pieces as furniture, they camouflage well as unique sculptural pieces for your living space. You can create random designs or line the bars up so the pieces just look like big, soft blocks. Each piece is $700 USD with an additional $80 for shipping…which sounds about right for high-concept, made-to-order designer furniture.

From the designer:

“‘Sink in’ is an adjustable seating furniture that allows a variety of sitting positions to fit the user comfort in height and size.

The ‘sink in’ is built from two wooden frames filled with sponge units which can be moved back and forth, thereby creating various of different chairs models in various sizes and heights.

The furniture can be placed vertical or horizontal. 

The frames are made of birch wood, 100/70 cm, inside 204 hard sponge units -70 cm length, width 5 cm.

When the furniture is unoccupied it is used as a decorative sculptural element in the space.

Suitable for adults, youth and children that want to relax and sink in.”

About Keren Shiker:

“I live and breath art, design and architecture.
I am driven by the desire to bring my creativity into practical and exciting products and spaces. In my design I provide a unique and fresh experience for any home or public space while fulfilling the client’s personal fantasies from the general concept and to the smallest finishing details.”

“My design projects have been exhibited, including design weeks in Milan, New York, London and Paris, won competitions and published in design magazines in various countries.”