Like watching television but sick of staring at the dish-shaped eyesore in your yard, on your roof or sticking out from the side of your house? Architects enjoy shaping the big picture (so to speak) when it comes to design, but few will remember to factor in those details that most homes have but most homeowners wish to hide. Fortunately, from camouflage dish covers to huge fake rocks, there are a few clever solutions to this standard problem.

On such stealth dish from Sqish comes with various patterns pasted onto its from, from faux-brick finishes to fake wood-slat patterns, imitation concrete to artificial grass, all so it can fit into any site or setting as subtly as possible.

Sure, the texture will never quite match the background, but it may be an aesthetic step up from those standard black, white and gray varieties that most satellite dishes tend to come in – and few residential building materials do.

There are also companies that sell stickers made to smoothly slot into the circular form of round, standard-sized satellite dishes – some (such as cats, sunflowers and flags) may be a bit too tacky for your taste but again may also be better than no dish decor at all.