Many recycled furniture designs focus on showing the previous lives of the pieces that constitute them, rather than emphasizing the color, texture and other qualities of the materials themselves. Nightwood in New York City takes a different approach, crafting rugged-but-artistic one-of-a-kind furniture from more fundamental elements and smaller pieces that tell their stories more indirectly.

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Nightwood Custom sailor sideboard

Like three-dimensional patchwork quilts, these objects are lively material collages that range from subdued and muted to lively and varied in color, conventional to asymmetrical in shape. One could likewise mix and match to create sets of tables, desks and dressers that simultaneously match in terms of their approach but are lighthearted and mismatched in detail.

Nightwood midland table
Nightwood Midland side cabinet

The real art in these rustic creations is the selection and composition of salvaged woods and textiles of different texture, grain and finish, sometimes organized, symmetrical and repetitive and other times abstract, playful and dynamic.

Midland Montana screen

These one-of-a-kind furniture designs have clearly found a unique niche somewhere between art and craft, creativitiy and sustainability. And what better context for these frankensteinian creations than a hodge-podge, roughly-painted interior such as this this one pictured above?

Nightwood custom Caribou seating

“Nightwood is a Brooklyn based furniture, textile and interior design duo specializing in our own hand made furniture and textiles. We design and make our own works with a down to earth yet airy aesthetic and sensibility to convey a modern rusticity that emphasizes hand crafted one-of-a-kind works of functional art.”

Nightwood custom MTV totem cubes

“The two halves of Nightwood are Ry Scruggs and Nadia Yaron. We are the creators and makers behind Nightwood. Old things, primitive practices, creative reuse and natural materials inspire us both. We have been collaborating since 2003 and our vision is complemented and completed by each other’s work.”

“Our design sensibility is inherently inspired by nature so we locally source and hand-select natural materials for the majority of our work. All our products are hand crafted by us and they display the artisanal process of creation that we infuse in each and every piece. We prefer to use organic and sustainable materials whenever possible.”