pinsofa demeter fogarasi

We are used to sofas conforming to a certain shape, with a few variations here and there. The Pinsofa 1 from designer Demeter Fogarasi rethinks the form and features of the sofa by making a more youthful, playful design.

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pinsofa demeter fogarasi textile detail

The idea came to Fogarasi when he was taking part in a project called The New Textile Furniture at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. He looked around the light-filled room and saw pins sticking out of pincushions – and inspiration struck.

pinsofa demeter fogarasi designer

“The Pinsofa1 is a life-sized interpretation of a pin cushion. The playful piece of furniture refers to one’s inner childlike qualities through the manipulation of scale. The work is based on the idea that enlarged objects have the ability to generate the feeling of being small, to reimagine the world from a different perspective. Treatment the sofa as an abstract piece, the textile and wooden needles serve as its main structural supports.”

“Walking through the studio with beautiful sunshine coming through the windows, I discovered a new beauty in the needles sticking out of the needle pillows. This was my very first impression – I told myself this was so inspiring that I should be working with it.”

pinsofa demeter fogarasi pincushion inspired

This inspiration led to a unique and fun sofa design that looks a bit like a pincushion supported by long, wooden pins. The enlarged pins, says Fogarasi, lead to a whimsical feeling by bringing back the wonder of being a child. When we were children, the world seemed bigger and filled with fascinating things to explore. This sofa definitely encourages a playful environment with its unique form.

“Design has always been a part of me some way, first unconsciously, yet I have never felt it this close. I love to be part of things that evolve into something great, this kind of evolution inspires me. Challenging tasks even those involving hard work, result in experiences lasting a lifetime.“