Furniture that feels like it could come alive at any moment definitely adds interest to a living space, and the Neotoi Family of whimsical furniture by Italian designer Roberto Giacomucci is brimming with personality. Each individual piece, from a side table resembling a dog to a face-shaped storage unit, is modern and minimalist yet fun to look at.

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Why is it that such a sense of fun is almost always reserved for little kids? We adults deserve a bit of whimsy, too, including furniture that makes us smile. It’s hard to take life too seriously when your dresser is winking at you. Doesn’t it make you wonder why most furniture is just so… boring? Even if it isn’t your style, the Neotoi Family collection is a great reminder that breaking out of the paradigm can be a wonderful creative exercise.


The Neotoi series comes in a limited palette of birch wood, red, black and white. Shapes include ‘Crocodilia,’ a crocodile-shaped storage unit, a dodo-shaped table, a puppy-inspired nightstand and a coat rack that looks like a giant fork.


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“I think, therefore I am… the melting pot of thoughts is recomposed in witty forms, and lively complementary pieces come into being: modern monoliths foretelling wellbeing and prosperity. The wood, treated with special finishes, emanates life, material, exoticism and magic, too. The collection has fun with design and even with the words ‘neo’ and ‘toi’ putting them together.”


“Is it Italian? Or English? No, it’s most likely an as-yet-unknown idiom, but one that speaks of creativity. An abacus of icons, with calibrated proportions, familiar to most; probably a legacy of ancestral memories that co-exist, hidden inside each of us. Small, functional, animated containers that are capable of weaving together strong interpersonal bonds: more than objects, they are subjects, emotional entities with a clearly delineated personality, capable of transforming, through their catalyzing aura of vital beneficial energy, every modern living space.”