Clothed in paper as skinny as she is, this model looks about as natural and comfortable as the dresses designed around her. Even as women’s evening wear goes, these works may be black-and-white in the literal sense but they are anything but casual or simple – and as a cocktail dress, well, one would have to be extra careful not to spill.

Russian designers Alexandra Zaharova & Ilya Plotnikov of Doberman Studio specialize in the unusual, working with art, advertising, fashion, photography and (as this project illustrates) the intersection of these and other design fields.

A Metropolis-worthy parody, these works poke fun in a postmodern way at the cosmopolitan lives of fashion-savvy urbanites – whether intentionally or not.

Each dress highlights fragile and uncomfortable extremes of contemporary fashion design, while simultaneously impressing us with the clean aesthetic of model, dress and photo combined.

While they may be a bit much for prom or homecoming events, one could almost imagine these bridal gowns with accompanying paper-crafted bridesmaid dresses made to match – though whether you could convince a mother of the bride to wear such an avante-garde outfit is another question entirely.