transformer clothing

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Azumi & David are always working toward new and ever more weird and wonderful fashion designs that boggle the mind and defy conventional rules of style. Some of there most fun and engaging work revolves around convertible clothing that serves multiple purposes and easily transforms to serve its various functions.

transforming clothing designs

This hat-to-handbag design concept is not subtle about its nature, looking like a handbag on your head when worn as a hat and looking a lot like a hat when held as a handbag.

transformer fashion ideas

Some of their designs convert more for mobility and storage, such as pants, scarves and other clothing items that pack down into tiny portable easy-to-carry pockets.

mixed fashion design idea

Ever experimentalists, these designers often end up with designs that look half-finished or seem to be the by-products of fashion gone wrong or the remnants of other designs cobbled together in curious ways. This unpretentious approach is part of what makes their designs so endearing – some of the resulting styles work, others do not, but all are open for inspection and critique on their website.