It’s become a bit of a joke in recent years that you can buy just about anything you can possibly imagine on Amazon. Indeed, the world’s largest online marketplace has millions of individual third-party sellers offering their goods to the public, often shipped from outside the retailer’s own warehouses.

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Now, those products include entire houses.

Dozens of tiny house kits are available on Amazon at any given time, from the most basic of shipping container houses to surprisingly complex modular creations. Most of these kits aren’t exactly going to arrive in two days or less with Prime shipping, but you can still have them delivered to your door.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can buy any one of these models today for as little as $4,000 — and yes, the shipping is often free. While some are more like sheds or backyard offices, others are perfectly suitable for people who need a small but livable full-time residence.

Allwood Arlanda XL – $9,990

The Allwood Arlanda XL DIY tiny home.

This simple, modern 227-square-foot kit is pitched by its manufacturer as an ideal backyard addition, for use as a home studio or office. With its contemporary styling, it’s particularly suitable for environments where classic cabin styles would look out of place.

The company adds that “a number of folks had asked whether a separate sleeping room or bathroom can be added to the original Arlanda floor plan. So now we have it. This timeless urban design is an alternative to classic log cabin-styled structures. It works well in a variety of surroundings. Just like the original smaller Arlanda, this XL version can also be set up on [the] rooftops of multi-story buildings. Assembly of this product takes a full day for two adults. Do it yourself directions come with the kit and only minimal tools are needed. Small window on left side of cabin not included. This Cabin Kit includes all the parts and hardware except the roof shingles and foundation materials.”

Modular Mobile Container House – $14,999

XIANGXING's Modular Mobile Container House

Three stacked containers are arranged to provide two levels of living space and a terrace in this kit by XIANGXING. It’s pretty bare on the inside, but it does come with plumbing, wiring, and insulation built in, so you can take it from there and really make it your own. Not much information is available on this one’s Amazon page, unfortunately, so you’ll probably have to contact the manufacturer with questions.

Pre-Cut Timber Frame Vermont Cottage – $16,047

The Pre-Cut Timber Frame Vermont Cottage from Jamaican Cottage Shop.

If you’re looking for something a lot more rustic, Jamaica Cottage Shop offers its 16 x 20 timber frame post and beam cottage with a loft. The kit includes all lumber, 29-gauge corrugated metal roofing, a pine door, window and fastening hardware, and detailed step-by-step plans. The cottage itself is made of rough sawn hemlock and eastern white pine wood.

Expandable Container House with Solar Energy – $36,800

An Expandable Container House with Solar Energy from Weizhengheng

This shipping container house kit by Weizhengheng features a galvanized light steel frame and solar panels on the roof. You can choose a 20-foot or 40-foot length, and installation is ultra quick, taking just about two hours to set up. Using a container as the base makes it easy to transport, waterproof, fireproof, and wind-resistant, and the company recommends using it as a home, dorm, camp, classroom, library, shop or whatever else you might need a little extra space for on your property.

ECOHOUSEMART Laminated Log House Kit – $63,965

A DIY Laminated Log House Kit from ECOSMART.

This 3-bedroom contemporary log cabin kit is just as well-suited to urban and suburban neighborhoods as it is to the woods, and it’s plenty large enough for a family at 1290 square feet. Made to order using engineered wood, the kit includes essential elements like structural posts, beams, casing, framing lumber, rafter systems, ceiling boards, and eaves. Just remember that you’ll have to add your own windows, doors, plumbing, and electrical to this one.

ECOHOUSEMART Timber Frame Kit – $49,612

A DIY timber frame tiny home from ECOSMART.

Another model from ECOHOUSEMART offers contemporary looks, 2 bedrooms, and 1 bath in 1,149 square feet. This one comes with all the same basic materials needed to get started, but again, you’ll have to supply the rest yourself.

Cliff Prefabricated Modular House – $115,000

A stunning Prefabricated Modular House from Cliff.

On the more expensive end is this 774-square-foot, 3-bedroom modular house with its own sauna and built-in terrace. Best of all, it comes equipped with plumbing, wiring, and insulation, so you just assemble the parts on your foundation, hook them up to the grid, and you’re ready to go.

The tiny home’s Amazon description reads: “Cliff is a modular house perfect for accommodation for friends and family members overnight. It also can successfully be used to accommodate larger groups of people in ski-resorts or rent the units out in Airbnb, or as a private lake-house for a romantic weekends. These modular houses are suitable in different climate areas all around the world. The idea of a Cliff is to offer more space with smaller measurements of the building [while] taking advantage of smart-home technology for a more eco-friendly approach.”