musical rocking chair set

Finally, a chair both children and their grandparents will think is downright cool. Each rock back and forth creates a noise the mimics the sounds of sand and surf, gentle waves lapping up on the shore – an outdoor experience with an indoor furniture object.

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The sand in the runners makes a light and organic whooshing noise – projected conceptually out of the speaker-like opening along the bottom or the back of the rocking chair. Playing further into the design concept, real beach sand is used to fill the pipes and play the oceanic tunes.

musical plywood rocking chairs joon jung

Designed by Joon&Jung, this pair of rocking chairs is matched just like a couple of people might be: each similar in terms of the gray plastic piping, plywood seats and backs and quaint industrial aesthetic, but both with unique twists, turns, swivels and sounds depending upon the particulars of their construction. The last and most obviously missing one would be the kids version – what a great way to round out the set!

From Designboom:

“Rocking on the Beach by Studio Joon & Jung. For the first time in the history of the earth, the urban population is larger than the rural population. But living in a city might cause a nostalgic feeling for nature. On the one hand, the plastic pipe shape creates a natural seashore sound. And on the other hand, the shape of the chair entirely made out of pipes is reminiscent of an electronic circuit or urban city landscape. Both, sounds and figures might fulfill your nostalgia for nature and urban life.”

The designers’ bio:

“We are conceptual product design studio based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Our abstract level of design initiation is simply human based. We both not only like adorable shape of design, but story base design from everyday. We are both from South Korea. We met in Design Academy Eindhoven, and we’ve been working together as ‘Joon&Jung’ since 2008 until 2010. Since from 2011, we had new designer Hyunwook Lee and expanding our studio for more work result to be a pleasure for people. Our experiences of studying design in Korea and the Netherlands give a unique affection to concrete our philosophy and aesthetic. Especially, the influence of Dutch Design and naive Korean esthetic made us a storyteller with a form language and our design identity more strongly.”