Plywood flat pack table

What if design were more interactive, and you were encouraged not just to buy a piece of furniture for sale at a given price … but to actually contribute in order to turn a design ideas into real built tables, chairs and other home objects?

Flexible plywood furniture set

This simple high-grade plywood furniture series by Parisian designer Paul Bellila is designed to be fastener-free, requiring no nails or glue to hold each work together. Further, by using modular parts with simple cuts and curves, people are encouraged to request custom designs and contribute opinions based on this particular aesthetic and type of construction.

Plywood DIY table

As these ideas and partial plans illustrate, furniture-grade plywood can turn a typically tacky office-furniture material into something surprisingly engaging – particularly if the pieces play to the physical and visual strengths of the plywood.

In this case, flat-pack pieces with dark finishes on both top and bottom are offset by the light bands along the sides. There is a kind of structural honesty to the way that no attempt is made to conceal what these pieces are composed of, and the lighter thin sides emphasize the horizontal and vertical elements of the designs. While most of these works so far are suited to be coffee tables or night stands, one could imagine some quite interesting chairs, benches or beds constructed in a similar style and assembled in a parallel fashion.


Plywood side table design

“Paul Bellila is an independent designer of 31 years installed for 6 years in Paris. He grew up in the countryside, in a village in the Rhone-Alpes region, in the fields, meadows and forests. Arriving in Paris, Paul quickly found its place in a dynamic but stressful urban environment.”

“The idea of creating interior landscapes, matured for 4 years, now has materialized by creating innovative furniture company. Paul Bellila and Julien Bitan, creating a publishing house responsible, combining quality, style and functionality, was their main goal. It was after a year of collaboration was born Bellila society, to create an interior that is tailored to your desires while respecting the environment.”