Indoor outdoor rocking chair
Rocking chairs really only serve a single purpose, though it’s a great one. That’s not necessarily a reason to forgo owning one, even if you live in a compact apartment, but sometimes space is tight enough to make you rethink this particular seating luxury. Such self-denial might not be necessary if you can find a piece of transforming furniture that serves more than one purpose.
Multi-purpose furniture serves to not only cut down on the number of pieces you need to have in your home, but also to change up the look and function of your interior design. The Fotel rocking armchair is a masterpiece of multiple functions, allowing you to use it indoors or outdoors with a different look each way.
Multipurpose reversible rocking chair
The transforming chair’s secret is its removable seat and reversible frame. When you want to switch from armchair to rocking chair or vice versa, you simply remove the seat, flip the frame over, and replace the seat. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.
Transforming reversible rocking chair flips

The Fotel multipurpose rocking armchair can be used either indoors or outdoors thanks to its breathable mesh seat and tough carbon frame. It is a stationary armchair when you need stability and a rocking piece of furniture when you just want to move.
The best part of this clever piece of transforming furniture is the fact that you don’t need to pull anything out, bend anything in, remove parts, unscrew fasteners or do any kind of gymnastics to get it to serve its second purpose. That’s what makes transforming furniture truly useful — the ability to perform its signature feat within seconds with a minimum of effort. Such ease of use conforms to universal design standards, too, so people of all abilities can enjoy what it has to offer.
The Fotel appears to just be a concept for now, but what are furniture manufacturers waiting for? Rock this brilliant idea.