Electric Object with cats

Once you buy a piece of art to hang on your wall, you’re pretty much stuck with it until you decide to remove or replace it. But this is the future, so why should we have to settle for something as old-fashioned as permanent art? The Electric Object is a computer that hangs on your wall to display dynamic, changeable, and even (literally) moving art.


Think of the Electric Object as a highly evolved digital photo frame. Whereas the digital photo frame can store and display your photos, and even perform a slideshow, the EO1 is designed to bring internet art to your walls. It’s a super-slim computer that looks just like a framed piece of art. It features a single power cord, no buttons, and uses about as much energy as a typical light bulb.

electric objects gif

The interface is through a mobile or desktop app; with a reaction time of 5 milliseconds, you can change your wall art to suit your mood at that moment or even switch it up based on who is in your home just then. The computer can mount on your wall or sit on a base.

electric objects pastel art

The company producing the EO1 is working with artists to design art specifically for the dynamic electronic frame. They are also in talks with galleries and museums to gain access to electronic versions of real-world art. Of course, the privilege of hanging masterpieces on your wall won’t come free – there is a dedicated store that lets you purchase the pieces you want to add to your collection.

Electronic Objects launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund their endeavor and it was wildly successful, raising more than 30 times its original goal. Although the campaign is now completed, you can still pre-order your own EO1 for $299 – a significant discount from the $499 retail price tag.

electric objects abstract design