These creative wall-attached textiles are suspended squarely at the intersection of high-end home art, contemporary materials and modern decor. Designed in collaboration with photographers and artists, they represent a unique and custom-looking solution without paying one-off artwork prices (though at four-figure prices they are still by no means cheap).

This piece, for example, is inspired by slow-motion photography – the streaks of light against the dark of night we associate with cars in the city, or urban lights through windows in the rain.

Another similarly-colorful work is very different in detail: symmetry prevails, and it is apparent up-close that the constituent elements of the larger pattern are, in fact, iconographic images that are not recognizable as such from a distance:

New York Times headlines made for vibrant stripes in yet another piece, while square tilt-like clouds manage to look both realistic and digital at the same time. This series from Maharam is not just visually innovative, however, but materially as well: flame-retarded and washable fabrics (a hybrid of latex, cellulose and nylon) mean these are more durable and safe than traditional vertical-mounted rugs or conventional decorative carpets.