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Suspended like modern chandeliers, these multi-sized lighting designs combine the technology of a digital photograph frame with the multi-directional light supplied by a more typical fixture. The result: an elegant mix of dynamic memories and useful lights.

The small size features two circles composed of six frames, each storing a gigabyte of photographic (or other image) material that can be displayed as a static series of rotating set of visuals. The larger one works on the same principal but alternates blank black faces with active digital displays, showing up to eighteen images at once.

While these design by Brand van Egmond might be a bit much as a residential fixture (though certainly an interesting conversation piece for, say, a home living room) it seems likely that these will also turn into marketing tools or perhaps even informational displays. Think about your local mall or department store: dedicated maps and information guides could be replaced by these high-tech, visually-integrated lighting elements.

From a company known for its offbeat flower-shaped steel chandeliers and other more-artistic fixtures, this is a somewhat refreshing design – not just for being more modern or minimalist, but for also tapping into contemporary cultures and technologies of the times.