Brand Van Egmond Modern Chandeliers

If you’re looking for high end modern chandeliers with an edge, Brand Van Egmond is one designer you definitely need to check out. Their creations aren’t just unique ways to light a room; they’re sculptural centerpieces that will definitely get people talking.

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Brand Van Egmond modern chandeliers photo frame

These multi-sized lighting designs vary from complex modernizations of traditional chandelier shapes to combinations you’d never expect. Check out the photo frame chandelier, which combines the technology of a digital photograph frame with the multi-directional light supplied by a more typical fixture. The result: an elegant mix of dynamic memories and useful lights.

The small size features two circles composed of six frames, each storing a gigabyte of photographic (or other image) material that can be displayed as a static series of rotating set of visuals. The larger one works on the same principal but alternates blank black faces with active digital displays, showing up to eighteen images at once.

Brand Van Egmond modern chandeliers fractal

While these design by Brand van Egmond might be a bit much as a residential fixture (though certainly an interesting conversation piece for, say, a home living room) it seems likely that these will also turn into marketing tools or perhaps even informational displays. Think about your local mall or department store: dedicated maps and information guides could be replaced by these high-tech, visually-integrated lighting elements. But beyond the photo-oriented design, Brand van Egmond’s modern chandeliers are incredible eye candy, often with exciting silhouettes you won’t find anywhere else.

Brand Van Egmond modern Victoria chandelier
Brand Van Egmond modern chandeliers detail

From a company known for its offbeat flower-shaped steel chandeliers and other more-artistic fixtures, this is a somewhat refreshing design – not just for being more modern or minimalist, but for also tapping into contemporary cultures and technologies of the times.

About Brand Van Egmond

Founded in 1989, the atelier was established with the sole intention to create without any restraints. Trained as an architect, William Brand soon evolved into a sculptor. In his hands, the atelier become a leading force in the crafting of lighting sculptures. What begins as a simple sketch with William’s pen, results in a handcrafted lighting sculpture. Only the most trained hands can translate the artist’s idea into faultless reality.”

Brand Van Egmond modern chandeliers delphinium
Brand van Egmond modern chandelier Hollywood

“Combining infinite patience with a love for handwork our lighting atelier pays homage to the time-honoured tradition of craftsmanship. Only materials of the highest quality are used to create a Brand van Egmond designer lighting. Crafted to last for generations, its quality protects it from the passage of time.”