tiered apartment mycc architects

As micro apartments are becoming the norm rather than an exception in some areas, the ways architects and designers outfit those spaces has similarly evolved. This Madrid flat measures a meager 215 sq feet (or 20 sq meters), yet meets all of the needs and expectations of a single person living alone in the city.

leveled micro apartment madrid

Spanish architectural studio MYCC achieved this feat by creating a series of platforms to accommodate all of the apartment’s functions. Eight distinct zones allow the resident to live and work in the apartment comfortably.

tiny madrid apartment

The apartment dweller was lucky enough to have tall ceilings to work with, giving the architects freedom to build up and down, placing essentials like the sleeping area, bathroom, and storage on the bottom level. Work, kitchen, and eating areas take up the next level.

different zones in 250 square foot apartment

Despite serving distinct functions, the zones of the home also blend into one another. One area is only steps away from the next, allowing the resident to not only easily move around, but to use the zones in combination with one another to create unique new spaces in the home that the architects could only have imagined.