Barcelona apartment shared micro-living tiny kitchen

In Spain, Miel Arquitectos and Studio P10 set out on an experiment in shared micro-living. They began with a 65 square meter Barcelona apartment and turned it into two functional living, working, and sleeping quarters.

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Barcelona apartment shared micro-living kitchen
Barcelona apartment shared micro-living layout

The layout of the Salva46 apartment is straightforward and simple: one private unit at either end of the apartment, and a shared living area, kitchen, and dining area in the middle.

Barcelona apartment shared micro-living second bedroom
Barcelona apartment shared micro-living storage
Barcelona apartment shared micro-living bed

Each unit has its own separate bathroom, a small desk, a double bed, and ample storage space. The apartment’s high ceilings allowed for small lofted living spaces to be constructed above the beds. They are accessed by wooden ladders and edged by drawers which create a very secluded, private room-in-a-room.

Barcelona apartment shared micro-living bathroom

The idea behind the apartment was to create a hybrid living space that’s somewhere between staying in a hotel and renting a room on Airbnb or other holiday home rental arrangement. The space is comfortable like a real home and offers plenty of comforts, but it’s small enough that it wouldn’t use up your entire vacation budget.

Barcelona apartment shared micro-living

The apartment’s interior is a pitch-perfect mixture of traditional and modern. Exposed bricks covered with white paint are accompanied by modern wooden kitchen accents. Sleek hardwood floors in the common areas and bedrooms contrast with the traditional Spanish floor tiles in the bathrooms.

At each end of the apartment, the units feature large windows that let in plenty of natural light. The light travels to the central common area via sliding translucent panels in each bedroom, uniting each section of the apartment.

More from the architects

“Salva46 is our investigation into flexible co-existence. Exploring the nomadic lifestyle of the 21st century. Where movement and fluidity contrast with privacy and stability. An experiment in shared micro living – two equally balanced spaces pivoted by a central communal area. A play of opposites in a world of conformists. Ecology, restoration and up-cycling are all central to the theme, with the recovery and replacement of the original hydraulic mosaic tiles. The kitchen, which had a past life near Sitges, was adapted and re-used, complementing the rich patchwork of mosaic carpet and hydraulic perimeters.”

Barcelona apartment shared micro-living plan

“The clean modern lines of industrial parquet contrasts with the cracks and crevasses of the 19th century exposed brickwork. Frozen in time by a white oxidation, with the up-lit luminosity highlighting the buildings imperfections.  Relaxed furniture pieces complete the experiment, combining a balance of woods, stone & metal structural elements. No one will say we didn’t enjoy the journey… we hope the tenants do too!”