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This incredible design for a portable city camping tower by Import.Export flies in the face of most of our associations with going camping: unlike the flat, natural and remote settings of standard campsites this structure is vertical, artificial and intended to be erected in even the most dense of urban settings.


Aside from the obvious fun and adventure of inverting traditional camping, an urban camper could enjoy incredible views unavailable to the typical pedestrian and cities could set up a series of vertical camping structures for festivals and other major events to expand out-of-town guest accommodations – particularly for travelers moving around on the cheap.


While such ideas are all well and good in theory and supported by beautiful drawings, they are at least doubly impressive when someone actually builds them. Functional test versions of these vertical campgrounds have already been constructed for exhibition purposes as shown above and below – and have proven to be remarkably stable despite the asymmetrical metal framework.


While there are still security issues to be addressed as well as siting, zoning and other site-specific regulations that may interfere with deployment, this design idea is admirable and will hopefully find numerous applications. In a few years, who knows: we might find these springing up everywhere from public urban festivals to private city backyards.